First Winter Hike

While I’ve done some early Spring hikes, this is the first Winter hike I’ve done since I was a teenager. The Summit Seekers had done some other Winter hikes, but it was much too cold for my gear, comprised of hunting and shoveling gear good for maybe 24 degrees and up.

The Summit Seekers

This week, I caught up with my friends at the base of Green Mountain in Effingham, NH. It was the first hike when I was both available and the weather was favorable. Three had snowshoes, two of us wished we did. The snow was deep in places, and I had uninsulated galoshes. However, I remained comfortable, albeit tired. A good tired. It is beautiful country out there – even the drive over. We made it a little more than halfway up, when the consensus was that we were getting tired and it was getting colder. I was ready and rearing to go to the top, but nearer the bottom, I’m glad we turned back.

Communications Guy

Radio-wise, I had my Baofeng handheld on me, and my Icom in the truck, just in case. Cell service was fine at the hill, which my friend Kettric took every opportunity to photograph me holding instead of looking around. I had to keep tabs with the Mrs, since there’d be a gap between my hike and her departure for work if we went to the top. However, one never knows if the cell service will work out in time of need. It was dead most of the trip out through Newfield and Wakefield, yet I was listening and chatting much of the ride on the radio. Up on the mountain, I caught the 12-county net, and talked with someone on the Ossipee Hill repeater. It’s good to know folks are out there and reachable… just in case.

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