Radio Ops Binder

Why A Binder?

While anything one needs for information is widely available and easily searchable on the Internet these days, having information at the ready when the Internet is unavailable is important. After all, the saying goes, “When all else fails, amteur radio doesn’t.”

When planning to participate in field day events, or just participating in EmComm due to a utility outage, a 3-ring binder is a useful tool. After seeing a friend’s binder, I bought a binder, hole punch and dividers, and set to work on building my own.


Here are a list and sources of the items I placed in my binder. Keep in mind that some of my information is very specific to my region, New England and Southern Maine. Similar information is likely available for any region.

To save space and make the information I need more easily found in print form, I have copied many pages into Word documents, and print duplex to save paper and ease the weight of the binder.


Back of Binder

  • Wide Rule Notepad and pen (removed for weight, in favor of a separate smaller notepad)

Inside Flaps

  • Radiograms and QSL Cards I’ve received


Card sized print-out of:

  • HAM Callsign: KC1JMH
  • EchoLink: 998808
  • DMR: 3123446
  • GMRS Callsign: WRAT256
  • Locator: FN43pp
  • ITU zone: 08
  • CQ zone: 05


Do you carry a binder? What is in yours?

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