About The Author


My name is Bradley Brown Jr. This is me wearing one of my trademark hats, that have my friends calling my Indy. I’m a hiker, hunter, ham radio operator, classic game collector, tech geek, and family guy. My wife of ten years and I speak in pop-culture and song references, and our little boy is quickly learning to do the same.

My passion for technology has taken me into the workforce in the tech sector, and after a few false starts, I’ve made it to manager of a national Managed Service Provider with a team of generalists and geeks like myself.

In my spare time, which is becoming more rare these days, I’m exploring tech or playing video games. I enjoy games in which I’m building or exploring, or acheiving a common goal with friends and family.

This website has been put together to catalog my adventures, and share what I’ve learned, as some projects come from several disparate references. I can get quite technical, but will try to keep it approachable.

If you have any questions, or clarifications on any of my posts, please feel free to interject. Comment on my posts, or find me on the social networks from the icons at the top of each page. I’ll gladly update my posts with new information that we’ve learned.

Thank you for joining me on my journey.