uBitx HF Transceiver Kit

uBitx from HF Signals

Back on February 28th, I found and purchased a multiband, multi-mode HF radio kit called the uBitx. I could have easily spent $1000 or more on a fancy high-end HF rig, but instead spent $109, and am helping a group of people in the process.

HF Signals is a small enterprise based out of Hyderabad, India, that works with a collective of workers. Each of the toroids is hand wound. This provides these working women with a livelihood. The assembled boards are then DC checked.  A final RF check and tune-up is performed to check the receiver’s sensitivity as well as transmitter’s output before being shipped. Each board is individually numbered.


I look forward to some bonding time with my brother, who is into electronics and soldering. We’ll both learn something new, and make some contacts abroad. 🙂

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