Wicked Maine Outdoor Fest

The Brown Boys meet the Maine Cabin Masters

For a great start to a beautiful Father’s Day weekend, I coaxed my old man and my brother out to the Cumberland Fair Grounds for the Wicked Maine Outdoor Fest. I carpooled with Dad, and we met my brother and his friend Kerri there.

On the way up, we talked about our fun in the North Maine Woods, how we’d someday love to visit Alaska, and because the Maine Cabin Masters would be at this fair, some outdoor TV shows I was excited to watch again now that YouTube TV picked up the Discovery networks. I cut cable a while back to save money, and got YouTube TV for NESN to watch the Bruins and Sox games. Dad mentioned a show he and Mom started watching called Alone. It sounds like Survivor, but real survival.

We met Josh in the parking lot. They had already been there for half an hour and did some axe throwing. We walked in and immediately met Alex, the winner from Season 4 of Alone. He was very approachable and was selling and raffling hatchets and fire starter kits he had been making.

Next, we met the Maine Cabin Masters. A very warm and inviting bunch, they welcomed us to their booth and offered to take photos. They’re just as funny in person, and told us that they just do what they do and the cameras roll. No fake ‘reality TV’ drama going on here. I picked up a T-shirt and we moved on to the vendors.

There were artisans and crafts people who make leather wallets and cup cozies, photographers, poster artists – of which I’d like to line my den with once remodeled, soap and scented items makers, and a pair of ladies selling cute knick-knacks of marine animals they had handmade and painted.

We listened to a couple from the band The Cobblestones, who did wonderful covers of classic rock and country songs while we ate BBQ from a couple of food trucks.

We threw hatchets.

and we had beer, wine or cider from a Rustic Taps truck. Something I’d like to have at our next work outing!

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