Learn Morse Code with Google!

Gboard Morse Code Trainer

Pawing through news stories over supper, I came across a news article from Verge that says Google updated their keyboard software for Android and iOS to accept Morse code input. What’s more, they built a web based Morse Typing Trainer game to teach people Morse code, alleging one can learn in an hour.

Of course, I was excited to give this a go, as it would help me pick up on amateur radio repeater identification, and eventually work CW on the HF bands. …but, this isn’t why Google did this, as I’ve learned. I read a bit more on this, after working through the alphabet.

Google is providing Morse input, not just with the keyboard, but with physical switches wired to an Android device, as an assistive technology for those who are unable to speak or type otherwise. They tell a great use case story on their blog, of Tania Finlayson, and how she and her husband built a Morse code input device that she could operate by moving her head against the switches. She no longer needs to point out words on a chart, but can speak – and have full use of an Android phone!

Technical note: You’ll need to enable Morse code input in the Gboard app’s settings.

Check it out: https://www.blog.google/products/search/making-morse-code-available-more-people-gboard/

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