Hello world!

Limington Independence Day Parade, 2017

Obligatory first post, by rule it’s supposed to be called ‘Hello world!’

I’ve started a few blogs over the years, going as far back as LiveJournal and Blogger, but nothing ever stuck. I didn’t really have anything to talk about, or purpose behind my words. I think I have that, now.

I have many hobbies and not enough time for most of them, but those I tinker on, I learn a great deal. I’m hoping to share here, what I’ve learned on my adventures. I hike, hunt, fish, anything outdoors. I work in and play with technology, computers, IP networks, radio communications, and collect old video game consoles. Everything I do is on a tight budget.

If  you’re confused as to why this isn’t the first post on this blog, I’ve gone back through my recent projects and backdated posts about them.

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Bradley Brown

Hiker, Hunter, Ham Operator, Gamer and Family Man

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