Hiking Pleasant Mountain

We joined the Summit Seekers for the first hike of the season. We had hoped the snow and ice melted a bit more, it was treacherous in places, but absolutely breathtaking beautiful.

Halfway up, our feet were soaked, but somehow defiantly warm. I had a change of socks for both of us, and plastic bags to prevent frostbitten toes, if need be. My son Jordan was a hit with the other hikers passing by us, with his Batman sneakers and his occasional proclamation of, “I burped!”

At the top, it was clear, but so windy and cold. We scoffed down our lunch, and hiked right back down. While I somehow got lucky and kept upright, albeit with a tweaked back from catching myself hard a few times, several of the crew fell. Some of them repeatedly. Even with cleats on. I’m not a fan of hiking mountains in the snow. Trails, sure.

I had my fingers crossed that I’d have my ham callsign by now, so that I could make some contacts at the top, but it hasn’t come in yet. Instead, Jordan and my friend’s daughter played with the little FRS walkie-talkies, and I with my Baofeng on the GMRS channels.




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